Monica smiles for the camera.

Monica ’04 | Alumna

As an undergraduate, Monica Chew ’04 made one promise to herself and her University. When she graduated, she would give back.

Monica kept that promise.

Every fall she supports the University’s Annual Fund—her first $1,000 contribution made her the first former President’s Scholar to become a member of the President’s Associates. She increases her donation by a dollar each year.

“It’s not a lot, but it’s my part,” Monica said. “Hopefully as I move up in my career and become more successful, I can do more.”

Her contributions provide the University with critical unrestricted funds, which are pooled to support academic programs, campus enhancements and scholarships. The prestigious President’s Scholars program, for instance, gives high-achieving students a full scholarship for four years, and supported Monica through her education.

“I had such a great experience at Cal State L.A. and I feel like I was blessed to get the President’s Scholar scholarship,” Monica said. “I want to give someone else that opportunity.

“Cal State L.A. was my foundation. It’s where I built my career, where I built my friendships. I am doing my part to support the University now and give other people that same start.”