Leslie Cromwell smiles for the camera with his wife.

Irina and the late Leslie Cromwell | Donors

Investing in a tradition he helped create.

For more than half a century, Leslie Cromwell played an intricate role in creating and developing the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology.

For his first 30 years at Cal State L.A., the late Dr. Cromwell served as the both dean and professor for the top-ranked College. He remained committed to assisting the University in providing the best possible resources to educate students—donating his time, counsel and financial support when possible.

Dr. Cromwell began his career at Cal State L.A. (known then as Los Angeles State College) in 1953 as the first assistant professor in the Department of Engineering. He was later named dean for the (then) School of Engineering in 1973 and pioneered the tradition of student-centered learning.

“The early days were hard work and challenging,” he recalled, “but it was truly an exciting environment.” He retired as dean and professor in 1980.

To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology, Dr. Cromwell and his wife, Irina, established a charitable gift annuity.

Before his 2010 passing, he recalled, “This was a win-win situation.” “We will assist students while receiving a substantial tax deduction and lifetime payments from the annuity.”

The couple enjoyed an active retirement: traveling, participating in theatre and musical production, and volunteering for local community organizations. Their ability to enjoy retirement and make a charitable contribution was the direct result of careful retirement planning.

“There is no better way to honor and maintain our tradition [of student-centered learning] than to give a gift that will benefit future generations of Cal State L.A. students,” Dr. Cromwell said.

You too, can invest in the future of the University and its students while receiving substantial tax benefits and payments for life.