Carol goes over her notes in the plaza.

Carol | Volunteer

In working and volunteering with Cal State L.A. through the years, Carol Jackson has learned one thing: You gain a lot from interacting with the University’s students.

“They are inspirational,” Carol said. “It’s amazing to see how they can juggle so many different activities and responsibilities—and still find time to contribute. You really see them grow here.”

The students’ dedication and commitment has invigorated her involvement with the University, and motivated her to continue. As a result, Carol has volunteered with many different areas. Among them are the College of Business and Economics, where she served as an advisory council member for the Institute for Retail Management, and worked to create internship opportunities and raise scholarship funding for students. Now she is serving on The CSULA Foundation Board.

“Giving time and expertise to help make a difference is very rewarding—especially when you can see change happen,” Carol said. “I know I have been a small part in Cal State L.A.’s success.”