Carlos leans against a post on campus.

Carlos | Professor

Professor Carlos Robles never got over tide pooling.

He started as a toddler when he combed the shores and pools along the Northern California coast with his parents. And Professor Robles continues today as a biological sciences professor studying coastal marine populations, predator-prey relationships and the effects of climate change along the Pacific Coast with his students.

“It’s exhilarating, cutting-edge work that not only helps move the field forward, but has created unprecedented opportunities for students” he said.

Professor Robles and his colleagues have shared their passion for marine biology, hydrology, and environmental and biological sciences with hundreds of students—taking them from Catalina Island to Canada for in-the-field research. These opportunities are priceless for the students, Professor Robles said, but they can carry a hefty price tag. That is why donors are so critical to the equation of student and faculty success.

“Gifts to the University allow us to take a new research direction and train students in the latest technology,” Professor Robles said. “An endowed program fund in environmental science, for instance, has seeded a whole range of projects that have generated first-rate scientific research, and drastically changed the lives of the students who worked on the projects.”