Araciel leans against a tree on campus.

Araciel | Student

Studying to become a nurse in one of the state’s most competitive undergraduate programs, every second counts.

“It’s a very demanding program,” said Cal State L.A. senior Araciel Barba. “You realize that checking your e-mail, making dinner, going to work—that is all time you are giving up from studying.”

That is why Araciel took a leap of faith just two weeks into her first year of the program, quitting her job to focus on her studies full-time. Her hope was that financial aid and scholarships would carry her and her family through. And thankfully, they have.

“These scholarships are my whole life,” she said. “This degree, this education is something I need to start my career and change my life; I couldn’t get through it without scholarships.”

Scholarships and the support of donors, Araciel said have improved her life and the futures of countless others around her.

“It’s incredible. Other’s gifts to the University were my blessing,” she said. “I came from a low income family, a poor neighborhood—I have been through it all—and I am making it today because of people who care.”