Alan Bloom sits with students in cap and gown at commencement.

Alan | Professor

At Cal State L.A., change happens.

Students graduate to become the first in their family to hold a degree. They discover their path—growing from the student who had never touched a camera, to the creative professional, winning Emmys.

“It’s powerful,” Broadcasting Professor Alan Bloom said. “The possibilities for this place and its population are endless. The students can affect so much change in their lives; they rise really brilliantly.”

Being a part of students’ transformation as a professor is a privilege, Professor Bloom added. And in working to that end, he is willing to give almost anything.

Over the years, he has dedicated countless hours on weekends and over school breaks to working with students, and he has donated funds for improvements in editing equipment, lights and other technology. Professor Bloom and his wife also established two memorial scholarships, one in honor of his parents and one in memory of her mother.

“It’s a living memorial, but at the same time it’s providing assistance to the people who really need it,” he explained. “I don’t see it as being all that different from what I do every day as a professor.

“I see the need and I see the potential,” Professor Bloom added. “Donors don’t just have a financial impact—their support reminds students that they are doing well.”