Al Jicha and wife smile for the camera.

Ann and Al Jicha | Donors

‘Audacity’ and ‘Need’ Inspire Couple to Financially Support CSULA.

Al and Ann Jicha know firsthand that “education is the road to a successful, fruitful life.”

For this reason, as well as the inspiration provided by a former dean, the couple established the Al and Ann Jicha Endowed Scholarship Fund at Cal State L.A.—though neither are alumni.

It was in 1985 that Al, who spent more than 38 years working for Hughes Aircraft Co., joined the Industry Advisory Board of the College of Engineering, Computer Science, and Technology at Cal State L.A.

“The most memorable aspect of my board service was meeting and working with Dean Ray Landis,” Al said. “One of the outstanding features of the College is the ‘audacity factor’ that’s still alive and well. Dr. Landis took considered risks to enhance the reputation of Cal State L.A.”

Al and Ann make annual contributions to the scholarship fund. They have even made a direct contribution from their IRA—allowing them to meet their required minimum distribution by donating IRA funds on a “rollover” basis directly to their scholarship fund. Although such contributions are not counted as an outright charitable donation, it significantly reduces their income tax implications.

“Though we’re not alumni,” Ann says, “our major contributions are to Cal State L.A. because we perceive the needs of its students to be great. Helping Cal State L.A. students makes us feel good about our giving.”