The Urban Learning Teachers Association


Urban Learning Teachers Association (ULTA)

Descriptions of Officer Duties


The President shall preside over the monthly meetings, set the meetings' agendas, and submit the same to the secretary for copies and distribution, coordinate the activities of the committees, and keep the membership informed of the activities of these committees.


The Vice President shall assist the president, preside in his/her absence, and inform the membership on various student issues and activities of the Urban Teachers Association.


The Secretary shall maintain all records of the student society, record minutes of meetings, notify members of forthcoming meetings, notify candidates of their election, and carry on the general correspondence of the student association.


The Treasurer shall coordinate the collection of dues, maintain the student association bank account, and report to the membership the student association's financial status at each general meeting.


The Historian shall take and/or obtain photographs and other media to document, record visually, organize and archive the progress of the organization in scholarly and social endeavors.


The Alumni Liaison shall advise ULTA of the activities of the Alumnus and coordinate joint activities for the mutual benefit of each group. 

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