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space.gif (47 bytes) Professor Lawrence Hong
* voted by student and the department
Dr. Lawrence K.Hong is chair of the Sociology of Department. He has been elected by the faculty to serve as the chair of the department twice, once in 1984 and most recently since 1993. He received the Outstanding Professor Award from the university in 1982 and was a recipient of University Meritorious Performance awards in 1984 and 1987.
Dr. Hong is the author of more than 50 research articles and numerous papers presented in national and international conferences. His research interests cover a wide range, including sociology of religion, aging, family, dance halls, popular culture and sex. His most research paper has been included in a book, entitled The Living Legacy of Marx, Durkheim, and Weber: Applications and Analyses of Classical Sociological Theory by Modern Social Scientists. One of Dr.Hong's most widely publicized research studies is "Survival of the Fastest: On the Origins of Premature Ejaculation," published in the Journal of Sex Research. It was a study in which he applied sociobiological theory to explain the most common sexual problem in men.
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space.gif (47 bytes) Chair Lawrence Hong PH.D.,University of Notre Dame Marriage and family; social psychology; research methods
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Principal Advisor
Cristina Bodinger-deUriarte PH.D.,Harvard University Applied/evaluation research; cultural sociology
Staff Ruth Martinez
Staff Sara Hart Tobin