1957, The first National Covention was held in Atlanta, Georgia.

1959, the first Lifetime Membership were offered.

1960, The first National Awards Program was presented to chapter.

1966, Mu Kappa Tau, The National Marketing Honor Society, was
formed by members of Pi Sigma Epsilon.

1967, The Pi Sigma Epsilon National Educational Foundation was
created to assist PSE members in achieving their educational persuits.

1968, PSE National Headquarters moved from Atlanta to New York

1969, The first Field Services Representative was hired to conduct
Field Services Visits.

1970, The Chapter Efficiency Index was created.

1971. The Computer Marketing Games Competition was offered to

1974, Women were admitted into PSE membership.

1980, The first issue of the Journal of Personal Selling and Sales
Management was published by Pi Sigma Epsilon.

1981, The First PSE Career Fair was held for PSE National

1984, Pi Sigma Epsilon National Headquarters was moved from
Hartland, Wisconsin.

1984, Dr. D.A. Barselotti became the first female National President of
Pi Sigma Epsilon.

1986, The 100th chapter of PSE was chartered (Delta Delta).

1994, The Cerified Chapter Officer Program was introduced.

1994, National Headquarters moved to Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

1996 to Present, Pi Sigma Epsilon continues to increase the benefits
and services to all members through creative programming and
professional development.

1951, The idea of a fraternity in sales and marketing was conceived.
1952, Pi Sigma Epsilon was incorporated under the Georgia Laws
of incorporation on 5/14.
1952, The first chapter, Alpha, was charted at the University of Georgia
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