Pi Sgma Epsilon, the only national. professional fraternity in marketing, sales
management and selling, is the way to get the competitive edge in the field of
marketing, sales management and selling! Found in 1952, PSE was created
to promote the fields of marketing and sales as careers and today is identified
as one of the greatest impact forces trianing students and encouraging them
to enter those fields. Since its founding, Pi Sigma Epsilon has served more
than 45000 membrs as a mean for them to acquire professional skills.
On the collegiate level, PSE offers experience to members through active
involvement in sales and marketing projects, marketing rersearch,
professional programs (speakers, tours, career shadowing, etc.), community
service, social events, general chapter operation and much more. On the
professional level, PSE offers networking, continuing education and an
opportunity to support the development of the future leaders of sales and
The national network of PSE members represents avariety of experiences,
opportunities and knowledge about what it takes to succeed in our dynamic
global economy. Through participation in the programs of Pi Sigma Epsilon,
members are provide the maximum benefit possible from the synergy created
when a variety of individuals share a common goal.
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