Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Phi Chapter.

Improving the quality of education for our members by taking on projects with
hands-on experience has been a top priority of Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE). For the
past 40 years, Phi Chapter at California State University Los Angeles has instilled
members with character and provided them with the tools to compete in their
chosen profession.

PSE's academic activities have been, and continue to be, the key to success for
thousands of our members. Our professional, academic organization provides a
playing field for students where they have an opportunity to apply the knowledge
they received from professors of the Top 100 Business Schools in the country.

Together, with the support of professors and involvement of students, our chapter
has benefited those from all disciplines of studies. I, myself, am a Child
Development student. Pi Sigma Epsilon, Phi Chapter is the educational tool that
provides enriching experiences students need to succeed. I am looking forward to
work with you toward the continued success of 'Da Phi Tribe.

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Ronald Yee
President of Phi Chapter