Phi Chapter was chartered in 1961 and sponsored by Sales and Marketing
Association of Los Angeles. Although Phi Chapter achieve gold and placed
3rd in the nation for the first time in Chapter history, to the members of Phi, it
marks the beginning of a new era. This new era opens new goals and
objectives. It brings new faces and introduces new leaders without forgetting
its rich traditions and past heroes. The unreachable and unattainable no
longer tand as an obstacle for a small chapter as Phi. Anything else is merely
an excuse.
In order to reach any of Phi's goals, we must first look at our most valued
asstes, our brothers and sisters. Success is measured through the fulfillment
of our members' needs. Each and every member is valued, appreciated and
regarded as an integral part of the Phi Tribe.
A tribe is defined as a social organization consisting of a family, clan or group
who share a common ancestry, culture and leadership while kept distinct.
We, members of Phi, are a family bound together by the principles of Pi
Sigma Epsilon. Moreover, we are a tribe striving to help our members reach
their full potential by preparing them with the necessary tools to compete and
become leaders in their chosen profession.
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