STEER Summer Program

Collaborative Learning

July 10, Thursday





Topic 1: Background


  What is your professional background?

  What is your teaching appointment?



Topic 2: Knowledge Sharing


  What is the methodology you employ to effectively teach the subjects of science/engineering in your classrooms?

  What are the top 3 challenges you face in teaching science/engineering in your classrooms?

  What are the top 3 difficulties you experience for your students to learn science/engineering related subjects.

  What are the questions you would like to ask about the engineering programs in our college?

  What do you think that your students are most interested in knowing the relations between the classroom learning experiences and their future careers in the engineering related disciplines?



Topic 3: Skill Sharing


  What are the top 2 skills you expect to learn from the program to incorporate into your classes?

  What educational models/tools/systems do you plan to develop in this program? What supports do you expect to receive for such a development?

  How do you expect to bring positive impact on your teaching methodology based on the outcomes of the proposed project?