HTML coding course



During the HTML coding course, the following subjects were covered:



Basics of internet and World Wide Web


What is internet? How does it work? Why World Wide Web? What is Webpage? What is a server? How do emails work? What is a virus? What does Upload and Download mean? What is connection speed? What is an internet service provider? &


Basics of Web Site Design


What is a Website? How to design website? How to manage Website? What are the main elements of the website? How to name files in a website? How to link different webpage? How to link different websites? How to embed different features and technologies in to WebPages? What software is used for designing a web page? &


Implementation of Web Page using HTML Codes


What is a file? How to create HTML files? What are codes? How to write codes? What is a HTML Tag? What are main HTML tags? How to implement an idea into a page? What is the code to link different webpage? How to link different websites? What is the tag to embed a picture into a page? How to do page formatting? &




By the end of the session participants were assigned to create a simple webpage about them as an exercise for creating the web folios by the end of the program.





The pages that were presented in electronic format are attached to the file