The STEER Program Project

This summer I worked in the CSULA SPACE lab.
The SPACE lab houses a test bed of the Next Generation Space Telescope (NGST)
also known as the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST).

I was able to observe the day-to-day research of students and professors
in the SPACE lab.

Click on this picture to go to the SPACE lab website:

My project entailed designing two block diagrams that simulate systems
that control the panelled mirrors in the SPACE lab test bed. This
required knowledge of the basic mechanics of the test bed.
The two systems were:
  • An open loop system.
  • A closed loop system with PID controllers added.

  • To read a detailed description of my research, please go to: STEER research project

    In order to complete my research, I had to learn how to use MATLAB,
    a powerful software program that allows for complex data manipulation using matrices
    and SIMULINK, a program within MATLAB that allows the user draw block diagrams
    that simulate complex control systems.

    Topics covered:
  • Matrices and vectors
  • Solving simulaneous equations using matrices
  • Plotting graphs
  • Control systems