STEER was a very rewarding experience for all of us.
(STEER teachers shown, from left: Ms. Jennie Malonek, Mr. Kingsford Kyei, Ms. Kimberly Davis,
Ms. Kimberly South, Ms. Kyle Ollie, Mr. George Marti, Dr. Majid Saghafi, Ms. Evelyn Torres-Rangel)

I would like to thank the following people:
Dr. Boussalis for making the SPACE lab a reality for CSULA students and STEER teachers.
Dr. Liu, Dr. Rad, Dr. Dong and Dr. Beyon for their help and patience.

All the STEER student assistants, in particular:
  • Alex Khoshafian
  • Sal Fallorina
  • Shannel Coleman
  • Yeva Lomandyan
  • Tabassum Ahmed

  • for helping with my project.