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July 3, 2003


Strengthening Teachers Education in Engineering & Research


Sponsored by NASA & NSF

Introduction to the programs various laboratories:   

SPACE Lab:  Structures, Pointing and Control Engineering (NASA)       

MATIES Lab: Multimedia Animation Technologies Incorporated in Engineering (NSF)       

DSP Lab:  Digital Signal Processing Laboratory (National Instruments)

Civil Structure Facility: Long Beach Campus (FEMA)

Software Programs:  MatLab, 3D Max Studio, Open GL, Visual C++, & LabVIEW 7.0

5th week presentation & report will be on what you learned during the summer.  Must be done soon after program ends.


July 7, 2003

Microsoft Office Workshop


·        Use Times New Roman

·        For Technical/Conference Papers – use 2 column style

·        Using HEADING 1,2,3,… Table of Contents will set up automatically

·        Indent buttons for bullets.   


·        Drag & Fill in consecutive days, months, or numbers



·        Can use animated objects if you pasted them as exe. files

·        Cannot be animated is brought in as a filename

·        See p 18  for more animation tips


Homework:  Due 7/9/03

·        Word – copy an article from the Internet, format into 2 column report, used  technical paper heading and set, add watermark, photos, and references.

·        PowerPoint – 5 slides w/ animation, clip art, excel chart and import pictures


July 8, 2003



·        Space in between words

This &nsp &nsp &snp &nsp is &nsp &nsp a sample.                                                                        =           (4 spaces)               (2 spaces) 

·        Breaks in between words

This <bk><bk>

is <bk><bk>

a <bk><bk>

sample <bk><bk>

·        Font

<font color = “#aaaaff” size = +1>   (+1 bigger, -1 smaller)

This is a sample 

·        Links

<A  href = “http://www.myweb.com/per/person.html”>Personal</A> 

·        Link – Picture

<A  href = “_______ “><IMG   SRC = “______/pic/dog.jpg”></A>  

·        Target

Target = __blank   ŕ new screen page

                                   = __top       ŕ same page

                                   = __parent  ŕ first page (frames)

                                   = __self      ŕ open new page automatically 

·        Email

<A  href = “mailto: kollie@hotmail.com”l>kollie@hotmail.com</A>


July 9, 2003

Ethics in Engineering

Outline of Lecture

·        Creeds, Codes, Canons, Statues & Rules

·        Purpose of a Code of Ethics

·        Ethical Priorities

·        Dealing with Supplies

·        Dealing with other Engineers

·        Dealing with the Public

·        Quiz

Technical Writing & Report Preparation


·        Title

Less than 10 words


                                    Dept., University

                                    Address of University

·        Format

                        Two columns

·        Abstract

                        Very brief summary of paper

                        Brief summary of problem & solution

·        Key Words     

                        Glossary of key words in paper

·        Introduction

                        Present background of problem (more detailed than abstract)

·        Body

                        Your solution to the problem

·        Numerical Results (if applicable)

                        Supports your solution to the problem