Classroom Impact

My experiences in the STEER program will impact four of the classes/ programs that I am involved in:

  1. MESA the Math Engineering Science Achievement Academy STEER will provide speakers, fieldtrips and hands on opportunities for my MESA students. If I can get enough student copies of LabVIEW students will also be exposed  to DSP (Digital Signal Processing) software.  Some MESA students who are in our BioMed program may also end up doing projects using LabVIEW.
  2. Integrated Science Our curriculum includes waves, sound and light in relationship to astronomy. At a minimum LabVIEW can be used to demonstrate the properties of waves in general and sound waves in particular. The concepts about digital signal processing that have been acquired can also be incorporated in discussions about space exploration. If enough LabVIEW software is available students can also have hands-on expereinces manipulating sound waves.
  3. Academic Decathlon I will use the equalizer I constructed to try to improve our team's musical content knowledge, especially their ear training.
  4. Science Olympiad My STEER connections will come in handy when the AHS team prepare for the robotic events in which I have very little background. CSULA can lend expertise in developing both the robots and the control systems