Sincere appreciation goes to National Science foundation for giving funds to help teachers update their knowledge in the state of the art technologies.  This goes a long way to help teachers build their competence and become more informed to help clear misconceptions about the science and the engineering career.

Thanks to the California State University-Los Angeles faculty and staff for hosting this phenomenal program.  All the faculty,   made the STEER PROGRAM a reality by extending their courtesy and thoughtfulness to all of the teachers involved in this program. Special thanks to Professor Dong for continual support.

All the student assistance made it possible to make this program a reality.  You were wonderful to work with. Luke and Yeva, thanks very much. Vinet and everyone , it was great working with you.

True team spirit was the icon of this program. My fellow teachers, I would want to say thanks very much for your support.  All the experience we shared are invaluably priceless.