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Check out these other links:


Chat with disciples and more...  www.discipleforum.com   

Great source for scripture context and more... www.searchgodsword.org  

Maturity in Christ       http://www.ucd.net/GV/LA/West/StudyResources/On_To_Maturity.pdf    

International Churches of Christ web page:    www.ucd.net  

Internet Bible:    www.biblegateway.com   

what do the scriptures say:   www.scripturessay.com       

letters to the church:    www.barnabasministry.com   

Trailer for New Cross Movie:      www.sassiweb.it/trailers   

25 Min Video Presentation of Gods love:     www.andiesisle.com/Love_Letter.html   

For E-cards and spiritual tools:    www.crosswalk.com/fun/cards/   

School Home Page:     www.calstatela.edu    

Our home Page:     www.calstatela.edu/orgs/lacofcoc      

Funny stuff: www.homestarrunner.com


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