IEEE Student Branch


California State University, Los Angeles

Spring 2002


1. Name and Purpose

2. Duties of Officers

3. Membership

4. Dues

5. Election of Officers

6. Standing Committees

7. Meetings

8. Amendments



Section 1:

􀂙 The name of this organization shall be the Institute of Electrical and Electronics

Engineers (IEEE) Student Branch at California State University Los Angeles.

Section 2:

􀂙 The purpose of this organization shall be the spread of knowledge of all aspects of

electrical engineering and to further the professional and personal development of

the students by promoting the engineering process of creating, developing,

integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge.

Section 3:

􀂙 The branch organization and its operations shall be in accordance with the

Constitution and Bylaws of the IEEE.



The officers of the IEEE student organization shall consist of branch President, Vice-

President, Secretary, Treasurer, Activity Coordinator, Public Relations, Internal Affairs,

Webmaster, Freshmen Representative, Immediate Past President, and Advisor.

Student Branch President

As the executive officer of the branch, the President is the key to promote effective

student leadership. The President is responsible for the overall management of all branch


Specific Duties:

􀂙 Preside at all meetings of the branch.

􀂙 Hold regular meetings of the branch Executive Committee and serve as chairman

(Once a week board meeting, or as necessary).

􀂙 Communicate frequently with other officers.

􀂙 Report to chapter advisor frequently.

􀂙 Be the Chairperson of the Executive Committee and attend its meetings.

􀂙 If unable to attend any meeting requiring the branch President’s attendance,

appoint a member to represent the branch.

􀂙 Nominate chairpersons for all subcommittees deemed necessary by the Executive


􀂙 Appoint program, publicity and membership committee chairpersons promptly.

􀂙 Arrange for the election of Officers on a calendar year basis. Election takes place

at the end of the Spring Quarter and elected board takes office effective Summer


􀂙 Supervise the performance of other officers

􀂙 Recommend to the Executive Committee the replacement of officers and

committee chairpersons for nonperformance or unsatisfactory performance of

their duties.

􀂙 Represent the student branch in relations with other organizations.

􀂙 Promote the benefits of IEEE membership to fellow students.

􀂙 Ensure smooth transition of information and materials to newly elected officers

and arrange orderly.

􀂙 The President shall have one vote on the board.

Student Branch Vice-President

The Vice President always shares the workload of the President. This officer shall

frequently oversee committee responsibilities and effectiveness. Being a member of the

Executive Committee, the Vice President must motivate the branch activities.

Specific Duties:

􀂙 Perform all functions of President in the absence of the President or upon request.

􀂙 Chair the Program and Membership Committees.

􀂙 Organize field trips or special events.

􀂙 Arrange for refreshments at the branch meetings.

􀂙 Assist the President in following up on assigned committee responsibilities.

􀂙 Set up the board meeting agenda.

􀂙 Maintain constant communication with the rest of the board members and always

report to the President.

􀂙 Assist the rest of the board members as deemed necessary.

􀂙 The Vice President shall have one vote on the board.

IEEE Student Branch Secretary

The Secretary maintains all the branch records and supplies for the branch

Specifies Duties:

􀂙 Keep detailed records of each branch meetings.

􀂙 Maintain supply of stationary and other IEEE forms and supplies as required by

the branch.

􀂙 Maintain branch membership roster and committee assignment list.

􀂙 Be responsible for all branch correspondence.

􀂙 Promote the benefits of IEEE membership to fellow students.

􀂙 Post a calendar of events.

􀂙 Assist the President to ensure that the branch activities are conducted under the

provisions of the current branch Constitution and Bylaws.

􀂙 Arrange for an orderly transfer of all branch records to the incoming secretary.

􀂙 Prepare the necessary reports for IEEE Student Services. This includes the


Annual Plan - November 1 or two months after the academic year begins.

Annual Report - May 1 or six months after the academic year-ends.

􀂙 Submit necessary reports and forms to the Student Development Center.

􀂙 Receive all student branch mail.

1. Electrical Engineering Department Mail.

2. ASI Mail.

3. Credit Union Mail.

4. IEEE-National Mail.

􀂙 Attend or appoint a representative to meetings.

1. ASI Meetings.

2. Department Meetings.

3. Student Organization Meetings.


􀂙 Assist the rest of the board members as deemed necessary.

􀂙 The Secretary shall have one vote on the board.

IEEE Student Branch Treasurer

The treasurer is responsible for maintaining the financial accounts of the branch. Since

final approval of a project may depend on the finances available, it is imperative that all

records be kept current and as accurate as possible. All transactions must be approved by

the majority of the board and advisor.

Specific Duties:

􀂙 Maintain the appropriate branch accounts.

􀂙 Prepare an annual budget and submit the annual plan of activities to IEEE Student

Services two months after the academic year begins.

􀂙 Prepare the Financial Statement and submit the annual report of activities to IEEE

Student Services after the academic year-ends.

􀂙 Oversee all fundraising efforts.

􀂙 Arrange for an orderly transfer of all branch financial records to the incoming


􀂙 Fill out and file the necessary paperwork for funding request. (ASI, IEEE,


􀂙 Assist the rest of the board members as deemed necessary.

􀂙 The Treasurer shall have one vote on the board.

IEEE Student Branch Activities Coordinator

The Activities Coordinator is responsible for organizing general meetings, board

meetings, sporting activities, room reservations. This officer should help other board

members as much as possible whenever needed and informing board members of

activities related to the organization.

Specific Duties:

􀂙 Assist the President and Vice President to organize activities throughout the

academic year.

􀂙 Finding guest speakers for general meetings.

􀂙 Scheduling all of the Activities for the Quarter in progress, with the assistance

from the secretary.

􀂙 Organize general meetings.

􀂙 Organize board meetings.

􀂙 Quarterly Activities Report to Student Services.

􀂙 Maintain and update the IEEE bulletin.

􀂙 Assist the rest of the board members as deemed necessary.

􀂙 The Activity Coordinator shall have one vote on the board.

IEEE Student Branch Public Relations Chairperson

The Public Relations Chairperson is responsible for maintain a professional relationship

and communication with student clubs and organizations around campus for the growth

of the IEEE student chapter. In addition, the chairperson should work with newspaper

editors for public relation purposes of the organization.

Specific Duties:

􀂙 Maintain a liaison between the student members.

􀂙 Maintain a liaison between the department newsletter and school newspaper.

􀂙 Serve as the center for communications through the school newspaper and or

school publications.

􀂙 Provide response to questions dealing with the membership of the organization.

􀂙 Maintain a close relationship with all other non-engineering and engineering

organizations in school to promote the welfare of the IEEE student organization.

􀂙 Work closely with the rest of the board in issues that deal with promoting the

benefits of IEEE membership to fellow students.

􀂙 Head the Publicity committee with student members to promote the organization.

􀂙 Assist the rest of the board members as deemed necessary.

􀂙 The Public Relations Chairperson shall have one vote on the board.

IEEE Student Branch Webmaster

The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining the student branch’s website. The

Webmaster shall work carefully together with the officers of the board on updating the

website regularly. All activities and events shall be posted on the website.

Specific Duties:

􀂙 Keep the website updated with information that is provided by the board.

􀂙 Fix any problem that occurs with the website.

􀂙 Arrange for transfer of website ownership.

􀂙 Work along with the board with improvements to the branch’s website.

􀂙 Assist the rest of the board members as deemed necessary.

􀂙 The Webmaster shall have one vote on the board.

IEEE Student Branch Internal Affairs Chairperson

The Internal Affairs Officer is responsible for assisting the other officers with their duties

as well as leading one of the standing committees. The Internal Affairs Officer shall

work along with all of the board members in completing particular assigned tasks.

Specific Duties:

􀂙 Maintain the bulletin board and keep it up to date.

􀂙 Maintain the calendar section of the website and keep it current.

􀂙 Assist the Webmaster in his/her duties by providing description of related events.

􀂙 Make arrangements to attend mandatory meetings.

􀂙 Assist the rest of the board members as deemed necessary.

􀂙 The Internal Affairs Chairperson shall have one vote on the board.

IEEE Student Branch Freshmen Representative

The Freshmen Representative shall communicate and stay in close contact with the rest

of the board members. This officer will become acquainted with the freshmen class and

encourage them to participate and support the organization. The Freshmen

Representative shall always inform the rest of the board members of any relevant

information and will only make decisions with proper guidance.

Specific Duties:

􀂙 Coordinate a Freshmen – Upper Classmen informational session.

􀂙 Become acquainted with the freshmen class.

􀂙 Invite all freshmen/sophomore students to attend organization’s meetings and


􀂙 Advertise any organized events.

􀂙 Communicate and make informed decisions.

􀂙 Keep in close contact and inform the board about the freshmen activities.

􀂙 Assist the rest of the board members as deemed necessary.

􀂙 The Freshmen Representative shall have one vote on the board.

IEEE Immediate Past President

Specific Duties:

The Immediate Past President shall provide experience, knowledge, and advice to the

executive board. This officer shall assist the President when necessary to further achieve

successful results from organized events and activities. The Immediate Past President

shall have one vote on the board, only when deemed necessary.

IEEE Student Branch Faculty Advisor

The IEEE Advisor performs an important role to advise and consult with the student

organization on any project or activity organized by the IEEE student organization. The

faculty advisor shall be a professor of the department of Electrical Engineering. The

advisor is responsible to oversee the election process, collect the ballots, and make the

official announcement of new officers.



Membership shall be limited to the undergraduate and graduate students of Electrical and

Computer Engineering major. All members of this organization must pay their dues as

stated in the Dues Section of this Constitution.


IEEE student membership is open to undergraduates and graduates who are enrolled at

least 50% as full-time students in courses of electrical, electronics, computer engineering

or computer sciences, or in all allied branch of engineering technology or related

sciences. The full year IEEE membership fee covers membership from January 1st

through December 31st. This fee is charged when the application is submitted between

August 16th of the prior year and February 28th of the current year. If an application is

submitted between March 1st and August 15th, it will automatically be processed for half

of the annual membership fee of $9.50, which covers membership through December

31st. Full year dues are $19.00.



The qualifications and the process by which the officers of this branch are nominated and

elected shall be as follows:

Section 1:

􀂙 The officers shall consist of branch President, Vice-President, Secretary,

Treasurer, Activities Coordinator, Public Relations, Internal Affairs, Webmaster,

Freshmen Representative, and Immediate Past President.

Section 2:

􀂙 Candidate must be a current IEEE member.

􀂙 Candidate must be a current CSULA student.

􀂙 Candidate shall be in good standing with the university.

􀂙 Self-nomination for positions is allowed.

􀂙 Current officers can run for re-election.

􀂙 Candidates can be nominated for more than one position.

􀂙 All nominated candidates shall submit a statement stating their qualifications and

platforms by an indicated deadline.

􀂙 Elected officers can hold only one position.

Section 3:

􀂙 The term of the officers will consist of 1 full academic year, from the beginning

of a summer quarter to the end of the spring quarter.

􀂙 Only continuing students who will be attending California State University, Los

Angeles at least until the end of spring quarter of the following educational year

may be eligible to serve as officers.

Section 4:

􀂙 A two-thirds majority of the members voting shall elect the officers of IEEE.

􀂙 Major elections shall be held once a year during the Spring Quarter, and special

elections shall be held at the consideration of the Executive Board and shall be

directed by the outgoing board of officers.

􀂙 A copy of the minutes of the meeting that documents the election results by actual

count shall be placed on file with Center for Student Development and Programs.

Section 5:

􀂙 Should a vacancy occur in any office, it shall be filled by appointment of the

remaining officers.

􀂙 In order to ensure the success of the organization, the President’s position is

reserved for current/past board members, unless nobody from the board is running

for this position, in which case it will be open to all candidates.

􀂙 In order to have a direct connection with entry-level students, the Freshmen

Representative position shall be reserved for freshmen/sophomore status


􀂙 The Immediate Past President position is reserved for the former President.



The President shall appoint the following Standing Committees or their equivalent to

board members. All chairs of a committee shall report directly with assigned board


1. Membership Committee

2. Student Activities Committee

3. Publicity Committee

4. Newsletter Committee

5. Sporting Committee

􀂙 The Membership Committee shall bring the advantages of membership in the

branch and in the IEEE, to the attention of all potential student members.

􀂙 The Student Activities Committee shall organize activities that will directly

involve the members or other students in general.

􀂙 The Publicity Committee shall be responsible for proper advertisement of each


􀂙 The Newsletter Committee shall be responsible for creating a quarterly newsletter

to be mailed out to all members.

􀂙 The Sporting Committee shall organize and advertise sporting events for IEEE

members thru-out the quarter, as approved by the executive board.

In addition to the above standing committees, the President may appoint other

committees, as deemed necessary.



The branch shall hold regular and special meetings at such place and time as designated

by the Executive Board of Officers, with the minimum of two meetings per quarter

except for the summer quarter.

The new board shall start planning out the events and the activities during summer

quarter in order to prepare for the academic year.



Section 1:

􀂙 The branch is empowered to adopt Bylaws that are within the guidelines of the


Section 2:

􀂙 All the committees are created and administered by the board.

􀂙 The student chapter shall have a faculty advisor. The chapter shall also have a

mentor, if deemed necessary.

Section 3:

􀂙 The constitution/bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote of the members of

the board that are present and voting, provided that the amendments have been

proposed at the previous meeting.

Section 4:

􀂙 To remove a board member, two-thirds vote of the board and the advisor’s

approval is required.

􀂙 To remove the President, two-thirds vote of the members present at a special

meeting and the approval of the advisor are required.

Section 5:

􀂙 DOCUMENT CONTROL - Commencing 2010-2011, IEEE CSULA will initiate a “document control” process. Document Control will assist the Board members who would like to research past efforts by the Board by maintaining permanent project documents. In addition, records from previous Boards will also be retained and managed through the document control process. These records will include approved-documents, such as Meeting Minutes, Product Data, Proposals, Reports, and General Meeting Flyers, during each year. In addition, Document Control will also include sub-committee projects, such as Jr. Robotics Competition and MicroMouse, that as assigned to the Board by the advisor. Records will be assigned to categories as follows:

Document Control will also use indexing in the file name to assist users who want to navigate records. Suggested indexing includes using numerical file names, such as 110223 for a meeting notification on Feb 23, 2011. The main process for uploading to Document Control will be through the Webmaster.

Files can be accessed through the IEEE CSULA website at:

Or through a Google Custom Search of “02” for all general meeting records or “110223” for records of a specific date.

As an example, to find a meeting notification for a meeting on Feb 23, 2011, then a user will type the following url into his/her web browser:

Section 6:

􀂙 Regular voting membership in this student organization shall be open to all currently engrolled and continuing students of California State Univeristy, Los Angeles. An organization or its membership may not disvriminate on the basis of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, color, age, gender, gender identification, ancestry, marital status, citizenship, political affiliation, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability,medical condition, pregnancy, genetic information, covered veteran status, or any other classification that precludes a person from consideration as an individual, except in cases of fraternity and sorority organizations which are exempt by federal law from Title IX Regulations concerning discrimination on the basis of sex.