The Hispanic Business Society support team at California State University, Los Angeles is comprised of an executive board, officers, and one faculty advisor.  The executive board is composed of students, most of whom are in the Junior and Senior year of their education. If you're interested in occupying a position, you may ask for our current openings and learn more about the required duties. Holding a position on the executive board is a excellent addition to any resume, so we strongly encourage all members to apply.
Mindy Rivera - Treasurer
Margartia Dominguez - President
Carlos Yanez - Vice President
Monique Macias - Public Relations Officer
Lizet Fuentes - Secretary
Ruby Rodriguez - Director of External Affairs
Jeannine Madrigal - Media Designer
Reggie Alcazar - Webmaster
Andrew Robles - Director of Internal Affairs
Dardo Dive - Director of External Affairs
Stephanie Guerrero - Membership Officer
Cesar Gonzalez - Advisor crg@cslanet.calstatela.edu


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