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The Ends Do Not Justify the Means, Part II

Understanding Government’s Criminal Nature
The Living Archive of the Innocent Victims of Government and Government Related Violence (GRV)


Compiled from various sources by “Socrates”


Government is a major source of crime based on racism, nationalism and religion. This list focuses on its innocent victims, especially children. Its purpose is to help the partisan of government understand its criminal nature.


Socrates – a philosopher, murdered by government in 399 B.C.


Jesus – an itinerant preacher, murdered by government


Anne Frank – murdered by government in the Holocaust, during which over six million Jews were murdered


Fujio Tsujimoto’s sister, mother and brother, murdered by government using a nuclear bomb in the Great Terrorism


Naomi Posinova, 12, and her mother, murdered in the Holocaust, during which over six million Jews were murdered, including a million children


The parents and brother of 12-year-old Ali Ismail, and 11 other members of his family, murdered by government during the Gulf War II, Iraq 2003; Ismail’s arms, amputated as a result of government






First published 2-5-2003, last revised April 3, 2003

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