Library 9311
Peer Assistant Information Researchers
Level D

The Peer Mentoring Program consists of Peer Assistant Information Researchers (PAIR) who will be trained to tutor CSULA students with diverse research needs.   The peer services will be offered in the context of small research clinics, with mentors operating with a laptop and working with students outside the Library. Mentors will go to key areas on campus where students gather such as the computer labs and the Writing Center and assist students in research techniques and teach them search strategies.

Mentors will report and work closely with library faculty who will train mentors extensively. Trained mentors will need to independently develop a search strategy to address the student's particular research needs at the student's point of need. These mentors have a thorough understanding of the various Library databases and their search engines to help students finalize their search strategy. There are over 145 databases that cover many subject disciplines. Since the student mentor will not be located in the Library, peer research assistants are expected to fully understand the library tools available to students to help address their research needs.

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