Library Music & Media Center
Level B

Basic entry level position. Encumbent must be mature, dependable, able to work independently, and have good customer service skills. Encumbent will be assisting students, faculty and staff, both in person and on the phone. Familiarity with windows-based computer applications is required. Background/knowledge of music and/or media is preferred.

The main responsibility of this position will be to assist students, faculty, and staff at the service desk of the Library's new Music & Media Center (MMC). The encumbent's primary responsibilities will be: staffing the MMC service desk; helping patrons locate audio and visual materials; checking media materials out to patrons using the library's web-based circulation system; monitoring the viewing and listening area across from the service desk; assisting with the use of AV equipment (including VHS, DVD, CD players, turntables, multimedia computer, etc.); answering basic directional questions and referring patrons to other service points in the library. Other duties may include: assisting the MMC Library Assistant with media reserves processing; reshelving and shelf-reading the media collections, rewinding videotapes, cleaning headphones, and other routine maintenance tasks.

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