Library 101418695
Periodicals Service Desk
Level C

Students in this position are required to work without direct staff supervision during almost all work hours, including evenings and weekends.

Main responsibilities include monitoring of the work of Level B Periodicals Service Desk student assistants, and assisting with training, scheduling, assigning work to and evalutating Level B students. Students in this position provide oversight of the following Periodicals Service Desk operations during their hours of duty:

  • interpreting the needs of library patrons
  • interpreting journal citations and abbreviations as well as journal holdings and location data in the OPAC
  • aiding patrons in locating periodicals in paper and microform collections
  • aiding patrons in use of microform reader/printers and copiers
  • manually checking out controlled titles
  • making referrals to Reference, the Loan Desk and the APS Copy Center
  • performing desk support activites (gathering, sorting, re-shelving of materials)
The Level C students serve at the Periodicals Desk for most of their reporting hours. They also troubleshoot among the monitor the above activities; intercede at the desk when Level B students encounter problem patrons; and assume the duties of Level B students when necessary due to absences or other scheduling difficulties. Level C students exercise judgement in determining when to ask for assistance of full-time library staff.

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