Library 101503057
Shelf Maintenance
Level C

Directly supervises and assists in each of the following operations: room pickups on all floors of both buildings; Pink Shelf maintenance and reshelving in all stacks areas; Bound Periodicals, Circulating Collection and Reference Stacks reshelving; searches for missing materials; shifting operations; shelf-reading operations; discharging operations; and recording appropriate cumulative statistics for these operations.

This position normally requires a strong degree of physical effort, with a great deal of walking, bending, and lifting. This position also involves personal interaction with patrons, who may have questions and requests about materials location and library services. Workers must set and maintain a regular schedule of work hours for each quarter.

Class C workers in this position are expected to participate in, and directly oversee, the above duties; and to work closely, and in consultation with, the shelving coordinator on scheduling, training, assigning, checking, and evaluating Class B shelving personnel. Class C workers also assist in establishing plans and priorities for shelving operations. The position demands mature, ethical, judicious, dedicated levels of performance in all areas of responsibility, and a working knowledge of the Library of Congress call number system.

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