Do-It-Yourself Renewals!

Library Book Renewal Instructions

STEP 1: First, read all three steps below, then click this link:

STEP 2: The system will prompt you for your name and barcode number. Your barcode number is the 14 digit number below the barcode on the back (magnetic stripe side) of your Golden Eagle One Card. Do NOT type any spaces. For example:

Sample Barcode: 25029000173047

STEP 3: Next, follow the instruction on the screen for renewing items. The system will evaluate each item you select to determine whether it can be renewed. If renewal is allowed, the item will be marked "RENEWED" and then the due date will be changed accordingly. Otherwise, the reason the item cannot be renewed is displayed. See the table below for information concerning possible conditions which might prevent a renewal.

Very Important

Note the NEW DUE DATE of the item that was renewed!
Note that any charges or billing incurred during Do-It-Yourself Renewals is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.

To avoid fines or fees, be sure to read every message on the screen CAREFULLY!
Possible conditions preventing renewal

You may not renew an item if the item is overdue, if it has reached the maximum number of renewals, if there are holds on the item, if it is too soon to renew the item, or if the loan rule specifies that the item cannot be renewed at all.

TOO SOON TO RENEW Loan rule determines when during the loan period an item is eligible to be renewed. For 4-week loans, this is within 7 days of the due date.
TOO MANY RENEWALS Loan rule specifies a maximum number of renewals allowed for an item. For 4-week loans, this is two (2) renewals.
ON HOLD (xx HOLDS) Another patron has placed a hold on the item. Usually a recall notice has been issued.
ITEM IS OVERDUE Overdue items, including billed items, cannot be renewed in the self-renew function.
ITEM CANNOT BE RENEWED Loan rule does not allow renewals.


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