How to Email PDF Articles from Library Computers

At this time due to the way the Library public computers are set up you may not always be able to email yourself PDF articles.

  • The email icon found within the PDF program PDF Save Icon will not send the article by email.

  • The Web Browser's email link feature found under File-Send-Page by Email or Link by Email on all public computers will not send PDF or HTML articles.

  • When available you can email articles in PDF format using the email functions found within certain databases, such as when you use the EBSCOHost Email link Email Icon.

Emailing PDF Articles Workaround

  • In order to email yourself a PDF article you must first save it.

  • When you save articles in PDF format, you need to use the Save icon PDF Save Icon found within the PDF window.

  • When using computers in LEC1, LEC2, 2nd and 3rd floor pavilions, save PDF articles on My Computer. These articles are temporarily saved in the My Computer folder. Once you log out of your session the saved articles will be cleared.

  • When using computers in the Reference area, save PDF articles on the Desktop. The saved PDF articles are temporarily stored on the Desktop, and they are cleared off once you log out of your session.

  • To email:
    • Open up your web-based email (e.g., webmail, yahoo email, AOL email)
    • Compose a message
    • At the send email box, type in the email address you would like to send to
    • Attach the PDF article saved either on My Computer or the Desktop
    • Click on Send button
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