Music & Media Center

Info for Music Students:
You may come to the library's Music & Media Center (Library North, 3rd floor) and listen to music CDs placed on reserve for particular music classes.  In addition, your professor may also have  class listening examples placed online, so you can listen to them on a computer via the web.  Your professor will let you know if listening examples have been placed online, and will give you the access password in class.

Info for Music Faculty:  Please see: Faculty Instructions For Requesting Online Music Reserves

About Copyright:  In order to comply with copyright law, the library provides "streaming audio" access only using the campus "Real Audio Server."  This means these sound files cannot be saved or downloaded to your computer.  We also comply with the copyright/fair-use guidelines recommended by the MLA (Music Library Association) in their Statement on the Digital Transmission of Electronic Reserves.


1)  Click on the link (below) and then enter the password your professor gave you in class.



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