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Library Streaming Video & Audio Collections 

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Ambrose Video includes the complete BBC Shakespeare Plays, American History, History of Christianity, Great American and British Authors, Human Physical Geography, Human Body, Science, History of Civil Rights in America series and more.

Films On Demand is a Web-based digital video delivery service that allows you to view streaming videos online. Chosen from thousands of high-quality educational titles in multiple subject areas. The Master Academic Collection contains approximately 11,200 full-length videos / 166,000 video clips, and the Nursing Video Collection contains approximately 1,400 full-length videos / 14,000 video clips.

Kanopy is an online video streaming service.  CSULA’s Kanopy subscription currently includes 141 videos from The Media Education Foundation (MEF) Collection.  MEF videos encourage critical thinking about the social, political, and cultural impact of American mass media with a special focus on representations of
gender and race, and the effect these representations have on identity and culture. MEF films are especially well-suited for use in Communication, Education, Race and Gender, Sociology and Psychology courses.

Music Online is a comprehensive streaming audio collection. It currently provides access to over 900,000 tracks, including over 45,000 unique recordings including the Classical, Jazz, World, American, and Popular music genres.

NBC Learn Higher Ed is a rich, dynamic, and innovative resource that provides thousands of historic news reports, current events stories, original content, primary source documents, and other digital media specifically designed to help teach and engage students of all levels and abilities.

Web Search Engines & Directories for Media 
Audio/Video/Multimedia Links  (from "Digital Librarian"  A collection of links to a variety of online resources including sound & video files, archives, and software)
Lycos Advanced Search  (search by various audio & video formats)
Media Channel  (search for video on the web)
MP3 Audio Files Search Engine
(from Lycos)
WWW Virtual Library: Audio -- directory of online audio files, radio, software, etc.

Audio on the web 
American Memory Project (Library of Congress) -- includes maps, film clips, sound recordings, photos & prints.
Great Speeches (from the History Channel) -- audio of famous American speeches
Historic Audio Archives -- includes audio clips from WWII, Richard Nixon, Civil Rights leaders, etc. -- audio files
National Public Radio
Radio Online -- Search engine allows you to search for radio stations on the web by call letters, city, state, etc. Guide -- listing of audio & video sources on the web
WWW Virtual Library: Audio -- directory of online audio files, radio stations, software, etc.

Film/Video on the web 
American Memory Project (Library of Congress) -- includes maps, film clips, sound recordings, photos & prints.
Atom Films
-- online collection of short films, animations, etc. 
BMW Films -- short films featuring award-winning directors
CNN Video  -- Current event video clips
iFilm: The Internet Movie Guide -- includes short films, movie clips, etc.
Internet Archive: Movie Collection -- Over 900 films depicting 20th Century life, culture, industry, etc. in North America.
National Archives -- Historic films, documentaries available to view online
Video Detective -- over 20,000 streaming video previews
YouTube -- a vast collection of video clips with a search engine

~ Cal State LA Videos -- Online archive of commencement ceremonies and more

Software Downloads & Plug-ins for viewing web media
Apple Quicktime Player (for Windows or Mac)
Marcomedia Shockwave & Flash Players  (for Internet Explorer/Netscape/AOL)
RealOne Media Player  (plays audio & video internet files)
Windows Media Player (plays AVI's, MPEG, QuickTime & other formats)