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Instructions for Online Music Reserves

Option 1)  Please provide the Media Librarian with the Course Name/Number and your listening list compilation on a CD, along with a list of what is on the CD in a format similar to this:

Track #          Title of song/piece          Composer          Artist

Option 2)  If you want us to use songs/works/movements contained on CDs in the MMC's collection, please provide a list (printed or via email) with your name, the course name and number, and the information needed to identify the particular track(s) you want placed online for that course.

For example:

Title:  Miles Ahead
Artist:  Miles Davis
Call #:   MJ DAVI MIL D 21 
Track name and/or number:  Track 3, Blues for Pablo

Please Note:

* Please allow 7-10 days for us to convert your listening list(s) to digital format and mount them on the campus Real Audio Server.  We will process your requests as quickly as possible, and in most cases can have them online sooner than this time frame - but it's best to plan ahead as much as possible in case we get a large number of requests.

* In order to comply with electronic reserve copyright guidelines, we can make digital copies of "whole movements" or "whole works" only.  We cannot use the digital music reserves service to digitize entire CDs or CD collections.   So it's best to use this option if you have a number of individual songs or pieces from various CDs that you would like your students to listen to.  For more information, please review the MLA guidelines:

If you have questions, or wish to submit a request for Online Music Reserves, please stop by the Music & Media Center service desk and ask for Scott Breivold.  Or, feel free to email me your reserve request (providing the information indicated above) to:







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