The Industry

The Film Festivals Server Provides a complete listing of film festivals worldwide, information, interesting links, etc.
Festival calendar and directory of websites.
Nextframe The website of the University Film and Video Association festival

Organizations, Guilds, Societies
Yahoo's Movies and Film: Organizations Links to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, American Film Institute, Screen Actors Guild, and many other professional organizations and societies.

Major Hollywood Studios
MGM/UA Motion Pictures
New Line Cinema
Orion Pictures
Paramount Motion Pictures
Sony Pictures Entertainment
20th Century Fox
Universal Pictures
Walt Disney Studios
Warner Brothers Movies

Independent Studios
Cambridge Documentary Films
Codikow Films
Entity Productions
Fine Line Features
Fox Searchlight
Full Moon Pictures
Media House Films
Miramax Films
New Millennia Films
New Regency Productions
Rysher Entertainment
Telling Pictures
Trimark Pictures
Troma Studios
YashRaj Films
Zhao Wei Films

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