JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance

Europe Geographic Region

Table of Contents

Call Number:  FLIC 85744 
EUROPE I - Tape 20
20-1 Uilleann pipe - Irish bagpipe performance
20-2 Folk dance with concertina accompaniment
20-3 Parade of the Military Band of Buckingham Palace
20-4 Bagpipe performance
20-5 Sword dance of Scottish soldiers
20-6 Chanson - urban song: "Les feuilles mortes" ("Dead leaves")
20-7 Harlequin's dance
20-8 Farandole - folk dance
20-9 Alphorn quartet
20-10 Naturjodel ensemble
West Germany
20-11 The bear spirit at the carnival of Wilflingen
20-12 The Uberlingen sword dance
20-13 Sevilanas and rumba flamenca - folk dances
20-14 Cossiers - folk dance of Mallorca
20-15 Folk dance: "Bolero de Belmar"
20-16 Folk dance: "Copeo de Montańa"
20-17 Sardana - folk dance
20-18 Neapolitan folk song: "Santa Lucia"
20-19 Lament
20-20 Sardinian folk song: "Love and error"
20-21 Joyous dance
20-22 Sardinian dance song: "Ballo"
20-23 Pentozali - folk dance from the village of Axos, Crete
20-24 Wedding ceremony from the village of Anoyia, Crete
Call Number:  FLIC 85745  
EUROPE II - Tape 21
21-1 Folk dance medley from Krosno, Rzeszów area of Eastern Poland
21-2 Zbójnicki - hatchet dance, southeastern Poland, Tatra Mountain area Czechoslovakia
21-3 Cófavá - dance from Haná, central Moravia: ("Hemp is growing")
21-4 Folk song from the Haná area of Moravia: "The lark in the sky"
21-5 Dance music with early instruments: "Aria Hannaco"
21-6 Hatschó - peasant wedding dance of Moravia
21-7 Tuseblied and Radl - festival song and round dance
21-8 Bohemian sword dance
21-9 Karicka and cardás - dances of eastern Slovakia
21-10 Gypsy songs and dances from Slovakia
2 I -11 Country dance procession from Dunamenti Festival
21-1 2Citera - zither ensemhle: "Zavaros a Tiska" ("Muddy is the Tisza's water")
21-13 Tekero - hurdy-gurdy
2 1-14Legényes - men's dance
21-15 Legényes with kelimaski gilji - Gypsy dance song
21-16 Hungarian wedding ceremony of Transylvania in Romania
Call Number:  FLIC 85746  
EUROPE III - Tape 22
22-1 Ensemble from Muntenia
22-2 Kaval - flute performance
22-3 Whistling: "Ciocirlia" ("Skylark")
22-4 Romanian folk song: "Hometown"
22-5 Hora and sirba - round dance and line dance of Muntenia
22-6 Music of the autumn harvest festival in Moldavia
22-7 Dance from Botosani in northern Moldavia
22-8 Capra - Christmas "dance of the billy goat"
22-9 Song and dance of the mountain people from Mures in Transylvania
22-10 Sirba - dance from Oltenia in southern Romania Yugoslavia
22-11 Potkorak - dance from Dalmatia
22-12 Dalmation folk song: "I am a girl of the harbor"
22-13 Serbian folk song: "Beautiful Emina"
22-14 Guslar- epic singer with gusle [bowed lute]
22-15 Narrative poetry from Montenegro, accompanied on the gusle [bowed lute]: "Death of Smrt Smail-Aga Cengica"
22-16 Wedding songs and dances
22-17 Gadulka - bowed string instrument performance and song
22-18 Farm workers' songs
22-19 Tepsije - plate-spinning song of Kosovo
22-20 Women's chorus from the village of Zur: "T'kom thon 'dada mos shko me fitve" ("My lover, don't go to a different town")
22-21 Dance from the village of Zur: "Dy mollat e kuge" ("Two red apples")
22-22 Trio of ethnic instruments from the village of Zur: "Canakala mrena" ("The fortress of Canakala")
22-23 Men's folk song: "Kanga e B]ram Currit" ("Song of brave Bjram Currit")
22-24 Wedding song with dance from Metohija: "Moj batixhe shamikuge" ("Oh, Hatixha has put on a red shawl")
22-25 Kallcoja - war dance/sword dance
22-26 Narrative song with lahuta [bowed lute]: "Djegja e Rugoves" ("The burned-down town of Rugoves")