Champlin's "Best of the Best"

Author and Film Critic Charles Champlin's
Choices for the 100 Best American Sound Films

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All of Mr. Champlin's top 100 films are included in the library's Media Collection.


About Charles Champlin

Charles Champlin was a writer-correspondent for Time and Life magazines from 1948-1965, Arts Editor for the Los Angeles Times from 1965-1991, and the principal film critic for the Los Angeles Times from 1967-1980. He is the author of Back There Where the Past Was: A Memoir (Syracuse University Press), George Lucas: The Creative Impulse (Abrams), Hollywood's Revolutionary Decade (John Daniel & Co.) and My Friend, You Are Legally Blind: A Writer's Struggle with Macular Degeneration (John Daniel & Co.) He lives and writes in Los Angeles, California.


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