Library & Information Resources
General Library Skills  (8 guides)
How to improve your overall library research skills and knowledge.
Operating Library Databases  (10 guides)
How to get better results from a specific online Library Database.
Our Library's Services, Collections, Organization  (10 guides)
How to make better use of our Library's services, collections, organization.
Subject Specific Research Skills  (5 guides)
How to improve your research skills in a specific subject discipline.
Thesis Preparation   (3 guides)
How to fulfill CSULA thesis preparation requirements.
Style Manual & Writing Guides (6 guides)
How to write a bibliography using MLA, APA and other styles.

Other Student Resources
Financial Aid  (4 annotated Internet links)
How to locate information about student financial aid.
Fun in L.A.  (33 annotated Internet links)
How to find fun things for students to do in L.A.
Other Colleges & Universites  (8 annotated Internet links)
How to find out information about other colleges and universities.
Pleasure Reading  (1 guide)
How to find a good book to read.
Job Hunting & Resume Writing  (23 annotated Internet links)
How to write a resume and search for a job.
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