Academic Web Links - Useful for Library Research

  • Virtual Mathematics Library. Maintained by the Mathematics Department at Florida State University, this site has links to worldwide math department Web servers, general resources, software news groups, e-journals, preprints, high school servers, mathematics education sources and a lot more.

  • Mathematics Resources on the Internet. Previously an article on the College & Research Libraries News website (now lost in a web redesign), author Timothy E. McMahon - electronic publishing specialist with the AMS - is keeping the article up-to-date on his website. Covers metasites, societies, preprint servers and other resources.

  • Infomine: Physical Sciences, Engineering, Computing and Math. This is a comprehensive Internet resource collection covering computing and mathematics, engineering and the physical sciences which is maintained by UC Riverside. The file contains over 1,000 resources, including pointers to preprint bulletin boards, databases, e-journals, and the like.

  • Argus Clearinghouse - Science & Mathematics. Evaluated and rated sites based on coverage, update frequency, quality, layout, usability, etc., spanning a wide array of sciences, and mathematics and statistics.