Languages & Literatures

Academic Web Links - Useful for Library Research

  • Ask A Linguist. Anyone interested in language or linguistics may ask a question and get the response of a panel of professional linguists.
  • A literary resources providing contemporary and classic references on verse, fiction and non-fiction.  

  • Cambridge Dictionaries Online  Provides access to seven free language dictionaries published by Cambridge University Press.   

  • Cervantes Project. This site, dedicated to Cervantes, is informative and easy to use. It includes publications, texts, and bibliographies. This site may be viewed in either English or Spanish.  

  • Classical Historiography for Chinese History. Bibliography and exercises in classical Chinese historiography.  

  • iLoveLanguages. A comprehensive catalog of language related Internet resources. Includes online language lessons, translating dictionaries, programs to aid you in learning a language and more.
  • Linguaweb. A collection of resources for language learners of all ages and levels. Offers lessons in languages, (Spanish, French, Italian, and German) revision materials and tests, and resources for teachers and educators. Students may select level ranging from beginning to advanced. Includes activities such as memory games, flash cards, word searches, etc.  

  • LiTgloss Created and maintained at the Univ. of Buffalo and supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities, this is a collection of literary, historical, and culturally significant texts written in languages other than English. Contains more than 150 texts in 24 languages, ancient and modern.  

  • Contains the complete text of Chinese-English dictionary.