Health & Nutritional Science

Academic Web Links - Useful for Library Research

  • Arbor Communications--The Home of Nutrition Information. A comprehensive nutrition-related site. All links are academic, annotated, and kept up-to-date. This site is produced by Dr. Tony Helman, and is part of the Argus Clearinghouse (formerly known as the Clearinghouse for Subject-oriented Internet Resources Guides).

  • Argus Clearninghouse--Health and Nutrition. The Argus Clearninghouse (formerly known as the Clearinghouse for Subject-oriented Internet Resources Guides) has numerous high-quality academic sites related to health and nutrition. One of these sites, Arbor Communications, is highlighted above. There are at least six other major sites on this page which will prove useful to students in Health and Nutritional Sciences.

  • Ask the Dietitian. Joanne Larson, a registered dietitician, answers email-submitted questions about health and nutrition and provides a Healthy Body Calculator. This site has received many awards and positive reviews.

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This very useful site provides news, travelers' health advisories, scientific data and statistics, information on an extensive list of diseases and other health topics, links to state and local health departments, and other Web links.

  • Lyme Disease in California. This important health education site offers up-to-date information about Lyme disease, a serious bacterial infection affecting humans and animals caused by tick bites. See also Lyme Disease in the United States and Canada which includes many links to other Lyme disease resources on the Web.

  • Nutrition and Health at the University of Arizona, Health Sciences Library. One of the best collections of Health and Nutrition links available on the Web, specifically designed for the serious, academic researcher.

  • Yahoo! Health & Nutrition. Up-to-date links on Health and Nutrition issues. Many are more popular, than academically oriented.

  • The "Virtual" Nutrition Center. This is part of the Martindale Health Science Guide series, by Jim Martindale of UC Irvine. At first glance, this guide may seem difficult to use because of its unique format (beige printing on dark blue background). Give it a while; it's worth the effort. Here you will find a large number of high quality nutrition links, including many multimedia links.