Chemistry & Biochemistry

Academic Web Links - Useful for Library Research

  • Links for Chemists. This major site, the chemistry section of the www Virtual Library, is maintained at the University of Liverpool. It has worldwide links to academic, non-profit and commercial sites, consultants, conference announcements, employment opportunities, gopher and ftp sites and more, and covers chemistry, biochemistry, chemical physics, chemical engineering, crystallography, etc., etc., etc. This is a one-stop-shopping site.

  • Los Alamos National Laboratory Periodic Table. A periodical table of elements that actually looks like a periodical table found in chemistry labs. You can click on individual elements to get basic data and a brief history, plus information on sources, uses, properties, costs, handling precautions, and more.

  • Argus Clearinghouse - Chemistry. Evaluated and rated sites based on coverage, update frequency, quality, layout, usability, etc., spanning general chemistry, biochemistry, analytical chemistry, composites, etc.

  • Molecular Models for Biochemistry. From Carnegie Mellon University, the linked pages here are based on Chime and RasMol images of molecules and mcaromolecules found in biochemistry. They complement images in standard biochemisty textbooks; the viewers are downloadable.