Biology & Microbiology

Academic Web Links - Useful for Library Research

  • BioSites: A Virtual Catalog of Selected Internet Resources in the Biomedical Sciences. BioSites is a current listing of important Internet resources in the biomedical sciences. The sites included in this resource have been selected as part of a collaborative project by staff in the National Libraries of Medicine Resource Libraries Network, Pacific Southwest Region. BioSites represents an annotated subject listing of the most useful, authoritative, current, and unique sites on the Web in the biomedical sciences. BioSites is full-test searchable by keyword or browsable by topic.

  • CSUBIOWEB. This exceptionally rich California State University Biological Sciences World Wide Web Server, founded and developed by CSU Stanislaus Biology professor Steven J. Wolf, is an obvious starting place for biological sciences students looking for information on the Internet. Because Dr. Wolf is very much a trailblazer in classroom use of the Web, you will also find here many exceptional instructional resources and multimedia materials for biological sciences, as well many fine informational and instructional resources for HTML (hypertext markup language), the language of the Web.

  • Infomine for Biology, Agriculture, and Medicine. The UC Riverside Libraries' Infomines, subject for subject, are among the very best-organized and annotated collections of Internet resources currently available on the Web. Infomine is searchable by subject, keyword, and title, and virtually all entries provide valuable cross-referencing to related sources by UCR's expert librarian-indexers.

  • Harvard University Biology Links. Harvard University Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology maintains this high-quality site which has links to locally maintained lists of other links to biochemistry and molecular biology sites, biomolecular and biochemical databases, evolution sites, sites with immunology information and others. There are also off-site links covering general bioscience resources; additional genetic, protein and other database links; model organism databases; and much more, including general links to other collections of sites and links for essentially all bioscience areas.

  • The Garry Lab Web Pages - WWW Virology Servers. Possibly everything a microbiologist might want or need to know about virology and viruses can be found at this award-winning meta-site, created and maintained by Tulane University School of Medicine doctoral candidate and Fellow, David M. Sander, of the School's Garry Lab in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology. From here you may link to: