Barbara Case

Barbara Case

Office: Lebel-B, Library North
Phone: (323) 343-3999
Office Hours: Wednesdays, by appointment

I am a retired emeriti librarian working as a volunteer.


  • Emeriti Reference Librarian
  • Emeriti Member, User Services
  • Emeriti Member, Library Web Task Force

See photographs concerning my trip to Peru Janurary 23 through February 1, 2003.

See photographs concerning my trip to Thailand December 11 through December 29, 2003.

See a biography of my grandfather, John Harwood Pierce.

John Harwood Pierce was born in 1848 and died in 1925. He was raised in the wilds of Canada with indian children as his friends. He served in Civil War. He was a famed frontier journalist in the Black Hills during the indian uprisings surrounding General George A. Custer's Battle of Little Big Horn. He was an inventor, a poet, an entertainer, an orator, and an ordained minister. He was a friend of Buffalo Bill Cody and Captain Jack Crawford. He was a business partner of Civil War hero, General W. T. Sherman.

So, how could this man be my grandfather? Well, he was 70 years old when my mother was born. John Harwood Pierce had five wives. My grandmother, Jennie Dorathea Schoofs was his last.

See pictures of my Canada-To-Mexico Bicycle Trip.

During the month of September 2000, my husband and I bicycled from the Canadian border to the Mexican border along the Pacific Coast.

Sometimes Running Sometimes running to yes nothing and too fast to look where and at what I stand and there are trees sunning themselves long a brook going and jays and jewelry in all leafages because I pause. John Ciardi

My husband, Jim Halloran.
            If something that is so beautiful as a drop of water,
            Turns out to be a teardrop,
            That is life,
            Some of it is pain
            But, oh, so much is JOY!
                  Charles Case (My Father)