Factiva Search Guide

Use our table below for a QUICK overview of available advanced Factive search options. For more information, including detailed examples, see these Factive help pages:
Name Prefix Field(s) Searched Examples
Company Symbol (i.e., Dow Jones ticker symbol) co company symbol co=f
(will retieve articles with the company symbol liz in the company symbol field)
(i.e., Subject)
de Organization name, Market sector descriptor, Product code descriptor, and Region descriptor de=mergers
de=acquisitions, mergers & takeovers
de=south korea
Headline (i.e., title of article) hd Headline (only) hd=gates
(will retieve articles with the word gates in the headline)
Headline Group hl Section, Column, Headline, Byline, Credit hl=hilary w/2 clinton
(will retieve articles with the word hilary within two words of clinton in the headline group)
Headline or Lead Paragraph hlp Section, Column, Headline, Byline, Credit, Lead paragraph hlp=recycl$3 and plastic$1
(will retieve articles with words like recyle, recyling, recyler, and words like plastic or plastics in the headline or lead paragrph)
Lead Paragraph (i.e. first one or two paragraphs of article) lp Lead paragraph (only) lp=ebay
(will retieve articles with the word ebay in the lead paragraph)
Text td Text of the article tx=Atleast5 Microsoft
(will retrieve articles with at least five mentions of Microsoft)
Byline (i.e., author) by Byline (only) by=walt$2 near2 mossberg
(will retrieve articles written by Mossberg within two words of Walt, Walter, etc.)
Source Name (i.e., jounal, newspaper, etc. name) sn Source name sn=wall street journal
(will retieve articles with the words wall street journal in the source name field)
Word Count wc Word count (i.e., number of words in an article) wc=500
gourmet coffee and wc>500
(will retieve articles about gourmet coffee that are greater than 500 words in length)
Images -- Text and Graphic fmt=tg images indicators lp=clinton and fmt=tg
(will retieve articles on Clinton that include text and graphics)
Images -- Full-image (i.e., PDF) fmt=fi format indicators lp=clinton and fmt=ft
(will retieve articles on Clinton that are available in full-image PDF format))
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