Factiva Search Guide

Use our table below for a QUICK overview of available advanced Factive search options. For more information, including detailed examples, see these Factive help pages:
Name Prefix Field(s) Searched Examples
Company Symbol (i.e., Dow Jones ticker symbol) co company symbol co=f
(i.e., Subject)
de Organization name, Market sector descriptor, Product code descriptor, and Region descriptor de=mergers
de=acquisitions, mergers & takeovers
de=south korea
Headline (i.e., title of article) hd Headline (only) hd=gates
Headline Group hl Section, Column, Headline, Byline, Credit hl=hilary w/2 clinton
Headline or Lead Paragraph hlp Section, Column, Headline, Byline, Credit, Lead paragraph hlp=recycl$3 and plastic$1
Lead Paragraph (i.e. first one or two paragraphs of article) lp Lead paragraph (only) lp=ebay
Text td Text of the article tx=Atleast5 Microsoft
(will retrieve articles with at least five mentions of Microsoft)
Byline (i.e., author) by Byline (only) by=walt$2 near2 mossberg
(will retrieve articles written by Mossberg within two words of Walt, Walter, etc.)
Source Name (i.e., jounal, newspaper, etc. name) sn Source name sn=wall street journal
Word Count wc Word count (i.e., number of words in an article) wc=500
gourmet coffee and wc>500
(will retieve articles about gourmet coffee that are greater than 500 words in length)
Images -- Text and Graphic fmt=tg images indicators lp=clinton and fmt=tg
(will retieve articles on Clinton that include text and graphics)
Images -- Full-image (i.e., PDF) fmt=fi format indicators lp=clinton and fmt=ft
(will retieve articles on Clinton that are available in full-image PDF format))