Library Floor Plans
Library North Library South (Palmer Wing)
Basement Levels
LN Level A  Study Area, Computers and Graduate Resource Center
LN Level B  Administrative + Library Classroom 1 & 2
Main Floors
LN 1st Floor   Circulation & Reference
LN 2nd Floor  A - H   Books
Ln 3rd Floor  J - QE  Books
LPW 1st Floor    ITS Helpdesk, Advisement,and Tutorial Center
LPW 2nd Floor   Govt. Docs and Special Collections
LPW 3rd Floor    QH - Z and Juvenile Collections 
LPW 4th Floor    Group Study Room 
Library South (Palmer Wing)  1st Floor

Library South 1st Floor

Library's Call Number Systems
Library of Congress  (most books)
Juvenile Collections  (children's books)

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