SUBJECTS: Media, Marketing
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SRDS Media Solutions is the largest and most comprehensive database of advertising/media markets including detailed viewer/reader demographics. It catalogues more than 100,000 media properties in business and consumer magazines, newspapers, broadcast, interactive, out-of-home and direct marketing lists. Because of its wide acceptance in advertising agencies around the world, SRDS has become an important element in many marketing and advertising curricula the recent acquisition/merger of Nielsen data also makes this database critical for the study of communications, radio and television.

The Local Market Audiences Analyst (LMAA) can be used in Internet Explorer. For more detailed information regarding the technical requirements of using SRDS and LMAA, go to SRDS System Requirements page. Firefox and Chrome users, please follow these steps to add the LMAA browser extension in Chrome & Firefox. Once these steps have been taken, users in both Chrome & Firefox will be able to easily work within the LMAA resource by simply clicking on the IE icon (located on the tool bar/upper right hand corner) within those browsers.


SRDS, A Kantar Media Company