SUBJECTS: Pure and Applied Math
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Subjects include: History of mathematics, mathematical logic, set theory, combinatorics, algebra, number theory, field theory, matrix theory, group theory, real functions, analysis, complex variables, differential equations, approximation theory, Fourier analysis, integral equations, functional analysis, operator theory, geometry, calculus of variations, topology, statistics, numerical analysis, computer science, fluid mechanics, mathematical physics, thermodynamics, quantum theory, statistical mechanics, relativity, operations research, game theory, mathematics education and more.

  • MathSciNet provides access to all published years of 'Mathematical Reviews (MR)' and 'Current Mathematical Publications (CMP),' all of which are produced by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). The full text of all MR reviews from 1940 to the present is available on MathSciNet. CMP is a subject index of bibliographic data for recent and forthcoming publications. All items in MR appear first in CMP, and most items in CMP are later reviewed in MR. MR provides timely reviews or summaries of articles and books that contain new contributions to mathematical research. Approximately 1800 current serials and journals are reviewed in whole or in part.
  • Coverage: 1940 - the present. Updated daily (CMP) and monthly (corresponding to the print edition of MR).

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