Government Publications

PRINT: Government Information Services (GIS) in the CSLA University Library (Palmer - 2nd Floor) contains United States Federal and California State government publications . To find documents located in our GIS collection:
  • use our ADVANCED Library Catalog - for US Federal documents in our collection (published in or after 1999). Be sure to change the COLLECTION limiter pulldown menu to "Government Documents".
  • use Marcive - for US Federal documents (1976 - current)
  • use MELVYL - for California State documents (all years)

[GIS does not contain a print collection of international, United Nations, city, or municipal documents; use our Library Catalog for these.

INTERNET: A large and ever-growing collection of government documents of  ALL kinds (US, state, international, U.N., city, municipal) are available online in full-text via the Internet. Use these links for access.

Other useful access tools: