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General (including major indexes)
Full Text Britannica Online Unrestricted
Full-text encyclopedia with thousands of cross-referencing Internet links. A significant source for biographical information for famous, worldwide, historical figures.
Index / Abstract / Catalog Biography and Genealogy Master Index Restricted
Biography and Genealogy Master Index is a comprehensive index to nearly 12 million biographical sketches in more than 2700 volumes and editions of current and retrospective reference books, covering both contemporary and historical figures throughout the world.
Index / Abstract / Catalog Biography Index Restricted
Indexes more than 2,700 English-language periodicals, and more than1,800 books added each year. Includes autobiographies, bibliographies, biographies, critical studies, fiction and drama, pictorial works, poetry, juvenile literature, obituaries, journals, collections of letters, book reviews, and interviews. Each record contains a bibliographic citation and library holdings. July 1984 to the present. Updated monthly.
Full Text Biography (LEXIS/NEXIS - Academic Unverse) Restricted
Full-text biographical articles from newspapers, journals, magazines, etc. concerning politicians, business executives, celebrities, etc

Subject-specific eBooks
All eBooks listed here are restricted to CSULA users
African Americans
e Encyclopedia of African American heritage
e Women of the pits: shattering the glass ceiling in financial markets
e FBI: a comprehensive reference guide
e 100 most popular children's authors...
e 100 most popular young adult authors...
e Black American poets and dramatists
e Black American poets and dramatists of the Harlem Renaissance
e Black American prose writers
e Black American prose writers of the Harlem Renaissance
e Contemporary Black American poets and dramatists
e Modern Black American fiction writers
e Modern Black American poets and dramatists
e Science fiction writers of the golden age
e Encyclopedia of Latin American literature
e African American Writers: A Dictionary
e Early Black American leaders in nursing...
e Portraits of pioneers in psychology - Volume 1  |  Volume 2  |  Volume 3
e Oxford dictionary of saints
e Dictionary of scientists
e Scientists, mathematicians, and inventors...
e American Women in Technology: An Encyclopedia
e Baseball: An Encyclopedia of Popular Culture
e Outstanding women athletes...
e Encyclopedia of women and sports
e Encyclopedia of Prisoners of War and Internment
e Encyclopedia of the American Civil War...
World leaders
e World Cultural Leaders of the Twentieth Century